Record shipping prices are based on Australia Post’s ++ domestic and international postage rates. AU$1.30 added to each LP shipment for the cost of a LP cardboard mailer ++. Prices subject to variation by Australia Post.

Destination 0.0-0.5 kg 0.5-1.0 kg 1.0-1.5 kg 1.5-2.0 kg 5.0kg Parcel Post*
AU-3000 AU$7.45 AU$10.05 AU$10.05 AU$10.05 AU$10.05
AU-2000 AU$7.45 AU$13.95 AU$15.05 AU$15.05 AU$17.10*
AU-6312 AU$7.45 AU$17.10* AU$17.10* AU$17.10* AU$17.10*
EU-Air AU$18.20 AU$20.45 AU$56.55 AU$75.90 NA
JP-Air AU$12.25 AU$25.30 AU$36.15 AU$47.80 NA
US-Air AU$14.10 AU$29.70 AU$42.55 AU$56.90 NA

Average weights
12″ Vinyl LP = 250g
12″ LP Cardboard Mailer = 125g